Creflo Dollar Ministries

Dear Zoe Partner

It has been truly inspiring and empowering to share with you key foundational truths, such as the grace of God and Jesus’ finished work, as it relates to your prosperity. I have also dealt with kingdom principles of sowing and reaping. However, this month I want to bring some more practical truths to light concerning the prosperous life.

We know that a personal relationship with Jesus is the foundational source of all prosperity. Last month, I talked about the wisdom the Holy Spirit imparts, which gives insight into a multitude of ways to unlock success. With this foundation in place, I want to reveal to you one of the primary ways God manifests prosperity in our lives. I believe one of the things most people miss is that God wants His wisdom to shine light on our gifts, abilities, and callings. Understanding this is critical because you cannot ignore the connection between the will of God for your life and the financial prosperity He wants you to walk in.

Creating wealth God’s way involves using what He’s already given you the ability to do. One of the things I always ask people is what do you have in your hands? Your hands are symbols of economic power or strength. Everyone has specific talents and abilities (anointing) that God wants us to use. What does He want you to do with that anointing? Serve mankind. The earth is full of needs and hurting people. God put you here because in some way you are meant to meet that need and be a blessing to people. However, we have to be open to hear from God about the place where He has called us to be. That place of our gifting and anointing is the place where we will shine the brightest. It is the place where we can be a light for the kingdom. And it is also the place where all of God’s provisions will be readily available.

There are many people who feel as though they are far away from knowing what God has called them to do. If you feel this way too, I want to make you aware of some keys that will help you. When it comes to discovering the will of God for your life, you cannot ignore your natural gifts and abilities. Another thing you can’t ignore is the desires you have on the inside of your heart. As a born-again Believer, you can trust your heart because God is in your heart. In many cases, those are clues from the Holy Spirit that are designed to lead you in the right direction to complete and total wholeness. Simply yield to those anointings on your life, and be open to taking the first step.

The Bible is full of examples of people who prospered because of the ability God gave them. Joseph had an ability from God to interpret dreams. This set the stage for him to prosper and eventually become the second most powerful man in Egypt. Solomon had an anointing of insight and such ability that kings from all over the world gave riches to him just to be able to glean from the insight God had given him. Jesus had disciples who were skilled fisherman and tradesman. As a result, they had enough finances to travel with Jesus in the ministry.

The same God that gifted these individuals has gifted you with ability or anointing. You just have to use what God has given you. No matter how long it’s been since He gave you that great idea, or how many mistakes you may have made, God has not changed His mind about you. His gifts and calling are given without repentance (Romans 11:29).

I look at what God has done in my own life. He’s given me an ability to share His Word in a practical manner that people can understand. That’s my gift. He has used me to serve people in need all around the world. As a result, every provision I’ve ever needed in the place of my call is met. Why? God’s provision is always tied to His vision.

The thing I need you to understand is that God can do this in any area—wherever He’s called you to be. For some it may not be the ministry. It may be the field of business. For someone else it may be the field of arts and entertainment. For others it may be government. The question is, are you in the place God has gifted you to be? You could have a desire in your heart to bake cookies. God can take that ability and add His supernatural power to it and prosper you beyond your wildest dreams. It just takes someone who is willing to unleash the inherent gift that is already inside.

 There are many who have lived and died without “singing the song” God gave them to sing. But I pray that is not your story. You will walk in the abundance God has already given you in Christ. You will discover and carry out to the fullest every calling and ability God has given you, with the help of the Holy Spirit. I pray that God places you where He knows you’ll shine the brightest for His glory and that every favor and earthly good abounds on your behalf. God bless you. Stay encouraged. Taffi and I are always praying for you.

In Christ,
Creflo Dollar