Creflo Dollar Ministries

Dear Zoe Partner

It’s been quite a journey preparing these letters for our partners each month. I believe God has sown His wisdom and His discipline into your heart through the Zoe prosperity messages you’ve received each month. Each Zoe message has been an important part of how God shaped me this year.

You’ve been closer than ever to Taffi and me this year. It is our prayer that the seeds sown into your life over these past months have taken root and will yield a mighty harvest. We are believing that you will receive divine revelation—new business ideas, promotion and favor at work, and everything that leads to a prosperous financial situation, because the Lord brings increase without sorrow.

God’s Word never fails to bring increase. It is the most fruitful thing I can invest in you. The Word is guaranteed to change our hearts and minds as well as the spiritual realm in which we operate. Don’t look at your circumstances as the measure of how well God’s Word is working.

What God has said is always working, moving on your behalf, and creating opportunities. If you’ve walked with me through Zoe this year, I believe you’re already seeing results. But it’s not over.

Thank you for partnering with this ministry. Your monthly support enables our broadcast outreach to impact millions of lives here in this nation and around the world. And if every person who has been touched by a teaching or event this year could, they would thank you too. You are definitely making a difference in the lives of others.

 I’m seeking God on what the next Zoe curriculum should be, and it’s something I want many of our partners to receive. In the meantime, know that I am honored to be able to communicate with you through our monthly Zoe partner letter, e-mail, and in other ways. I want our connection to keep growing!

I can’t thank you enough for your faithful monthly giving. Your generosity makes this ministry possible. Get the message I’ve enclosed for you down in your spirit and believe God is working for the good of all those who believe.

With love for you, our Zoe partner,
Creflo Dollar