Creflo Dollar Ministries

Dear Zoe Partner

A while back, the Lord challenged me to become a student of grace. Since making that commitment, I’ve never looked back! God’s unmerited, underserved gift of grace has powerfully changed my life and millions of others around the world! We receive their testimonies daily! That’s one of the reasons why I made a commitment this year to impart the Word of grace to you, my Zoe partners, as well as share biblical principles and steps on financial prosperity with you. I aim to put you on the path to total-life prosperity!

We’ve arrived at Step #5 this month: Meditate upon the Word.
The purpose of meditation is to place you in the position to perform or act on the Word. You must spend time meditating on the Word—which is spiritual—until that Word is digested in your spirit. You can’t simply read the Bible, and all of a sudden, do the Word automatically. Meditation is how you get fixed or settled in the laws that govern prosperity. You have to meditate on them until they get deep within your spirit. When you meditate and become convinced by the Word, confidence in the Word will grow and motivate you to act on the Word.

The word meditate means to mutter, to speak out loud, to roll over in your thinking. In Bible terms, I call it milking the Scripture. Many people are confused about what it means to meditate on the Word, but they fail to realize that they do it all the time! If you know how to worry, then you know how to meditate! Worry is a negative form of meditation.

Do you meditate on the lack in your life, on the fact that you don’t have enough to meet your financial obligations? Listen, not one time in the Bible do we see Jesus focused on lack! Wherever there was a demand (need), Jesus had the supply! (Philippians 1:19). Instead of meditating on what you don’t have, start meditating on God’s precious promises. Thank Him for what He’s already provided. Meditate on what God’s grace has already made available to you because of Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf.

God has instructed us to meditate on His Word day and night (Joshua 1:8), because He’s trying to position us to prosper—this includes financial prosperity. God wants you to know how to prosper on purpose! He wants you to be free from lack, poverty, and in total control of your circumstances.

In January 2014, I taught a series at our church entitled “Meditation: The Key for Success.” I shared with our congregation that 2014 is going to be a year of precision—that we have to start asking God for specific, exact things. Revelation is exact knowledge! When you meditate on God’s Word, He’s going to give you revelation on how to deal wisely in the affairs of this world. This year, God wants to make sure that you profit. He also wants it to be apparent to everyone, and seen by all! Praise God!

Can you imagine your ideal life as you’d like it to be today? Can you imagine total freedom from financial lack and debt? The imagination is the ability to see things. All human progress has been born out of the imagination. But if you’re saying, “I can’t see myself with this or that,” well, guess what? You’ll never possess it! If you’re sick and tired of seeing yourself broke, disgusted, sick, depressed, and unhappy, I’m inviting you to open yourself up to the meditation of God’s Word. Begin to see yourself as Jesus already sees you—blessed, prosperous, highly favored, and deeply loved by God! Make meditating on God’s Word a priority. Also, invest in your imagination. When you do, you will make your way prosperous and have good success!

I declare that your broke days are over! Your days of lack are over! You are about to march into your wealthy place! I declare that you’re going to love life and you’re going to see good days. You are about to be everything that God has called you to be! It’s about to come to pass because of what you can see! If you can see it, God can cause it to happen! Glory to God!

In Christ,
Creflo Dollar